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Agriculture sector is undeniable source for everything and the basic requirement for this are good quality Seeds. Agriculture is a deep root of India which can only be possible when farmers uses best quality of seeds on their land. Cubic Business Solutions Ltd introduces its wide range of products which consist of Hot Selling Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Top Quality White and Red Kidney Beans For Sale, Helled Sesame Seed, Pigeon Pea Seeds, Sesame Seed, etc. These seeds are cleaned and processed in order to give you the best result on the field. The Seeds offered by us can be availed from us in varied packaging options at reasonable price point.
Product Image (kidney beans )

Top Quality White and Red Kidney Beans For Sale

High in dietary fiber and rich in protein, offered Red Kidney Beans are low in fat and cholesterol. These are used in boiled figure and are known for their rich taste and high nutritional content. Our offered beans are widely used to prepare different kinds of delicious cuisines. Clients can avail these Red Kidney Beans from us at very reasonable price in various packaging options. Whatsapp +255752588907 Mr Mohamat Ali to place your order

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Helled Sesame Seed

Helled Sesame Seed adds a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible, crunch to many Asian dishes. It is widely used in preparing chicken and other meats, in warm salads, and salad dressing. This seed is considered as the most nutritious seeds because of its proteins and valuable minerals. It is relatively softer and delicious as compared to natural sesame seed. One can avail this range of Healled Sesame Seed from us at most competitive rates. Whatsapp +255752588907 Mr Mohamat Ali to place your order

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Pigeon Pea Seeds

Pigeon Pea Seeds are well known in market due to their medicinal uses. Processed by our skilled professionals using advanced technology and machines at hi-tech manufacturing unit, these seeds are widely demanded in agriculture industries. Furthermore, these Pigeon Pea Seeds are can be availed by our clients in different packaging options, in order to meet various requirements of our esteemed clients at market leading prices. Whatsapp +255752588907 Mr Mohamat Ali to place your order

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Sesame Seed

Sesame Seed is widely used as food agents, food ingredients in pickle & murrabba industries, masala Industries, snacks-namkeen industries and seasoning manufacturing. It is well known in market due to its excellent health benefits. It cultivated under the most hygienic environment by experienced agro experts using high grade natural manure with the help of latest techniques. We offer this Sesame Seed in various hygiene packaging options to avoid any kind of contamination. Whatsapp +255752588907 Mr Mohamat Ali to place your order

Product Image (Hulled Sesame Seeds)

Hulled Sesame Seeds 99.99% Available For Sale

We can provide a variety of oil seeds such as sunflower seeds ,Sunflower Seeds,Sesame Seeds,Flax Seed,Cotton Seeds,Castor Seeds,Rape Seeds,Jatropha Seeds,Canola Seed 1.COMMODITY: PREMIUM HULLED SESAME SEED 2.SPECIFICATION: 99.97% PURE WHITE Quality 99.97% Oil 48% Admixture 0.3% Moisture 4.5% FFA 1% Color white Auto Dried 94.5% Color sortexed -100% 3. QUANTITY: 38 MT - (2FCL) 4. PACKING: 50KGS NETT. P.P. BAGS Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image (Raw sunflower seeds)

100% Raw Sunflower Seeds 361 For Sale New Crop Common Sunflower Seeds Export Sunflower Seeds

100% Raw sunflower seeds 361 for sale New crop common sunflower seeds Export sunflower seeds Sunflower seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, multivitamins and trace elements, which are delicious. Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image (vanilla beans)

Hot Selling Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Product Grade: A Black, plump and pliable Premium Black Vanilla Vanillin: 1,6 - 2,4% Moisture: 18-30% Length: 16-17cm (approx 6-7 inches) Vanillin Content: 1.9-2% Color: Dark Brown, almost Black Botanical Name: Vanilla Planifolia (BOURBON) Fragrance: Strong full rich Vanilla aroma Appearance : soft, fragrant,flexible vanilla beans Whatsapp +255752588907 Mr Mohamat Ali to place your order

Product Image (raw cashew nuts)

Good Quality W320 W450 W240 W180 Raw Cashew Nuts Tanzania For Sale

Packaging Details: Raw and Blanched Size: ww320 or ww240 Moisture: 5% Max Broken : 5% Max Packaging : 11.34kg 1 box have two bars which total weight is 22.68kg 20ft container will fit 17Tons Port:MTWARA Shipping:Support Sea freight Lead Time : Quantity(Tons) 1 - 17 >17 Est. Time(days) 25 To be negotiated Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image (Blue Poppy Seeds)

High Quality Blue Poppy Seed For Sale

Blue Poppy Seeds The poppy plant is yellowish brown grown around the Mediterranean. Poppy grown since the 6th century is considered one of the oldest plants grown by mankind. Blue poppy is widely used in sweetening and decorating pastries in bread, bagels and buns with hazelnut flavor. The oil obtained by squeezing poppy seeds may be preferred for the purpose of giving flavor, texture and color to all areas where poppy is used. However, since this type is not used as a spice, the effect is inevitable. When stored in a cool place, such as a refrigerator, it can be kept fresh for a long time. Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image ( Flax Seeds)

Golden (Yellow) Flax Seeds/oil Linseed/flax Seeds Available

We sale best quality Nuts both roasted and raw and shell and inshelled. We have nuts like Peanuts,Almond,Apricot Kernels,Betel Nuts,Brazil Nuts,Cashew Nuts,Chestnuts,Ginkgo Nuts,Hazelnuts,Macadamia Nuts,Pecan Nuts,Pine Nuts,Pistachio Nuts,Pumpkin Kernels,Sunflower Kernels,Walnuts,Melon Seeds.Apricot Kernels,Raisin Seeds and more English name Flax seeds Other name Wholesale Organic Golden Bulk Grade A Brown Flax Seeds Ash 5%max Color brown Purity 99% Packing 25kg or 50kg/pp bag Qty/20FCL 18-19MT Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image ( flax seeds )

Golden/brown Organic Flax Seeds Available For Sale

Golden/brown organic flax seeds available for sale 1. Flaxseed extract used to lose weight. Can burn surplus fat of Body 2.Flaxseed extract will reduce allergic reaction, reduce asthma, improve arthritis 3.Flaxseed extract with the function of improving female menstrual period syndrome 4. Flaxseed extract can reduce the bad influence of hazardous chemicals produced when under pressure, control stress, reduce depression and insomnia, 5. Flaxseed extract will improve skin fat content, moisten the skin smooth, soft and flexible, make the skin breath and sweat to normal, to mitigate various skin problems. Text us on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image (Flaxseed oil)

Hot Sale Pure Natural Flaxseed Oil extract essential oil

Function of Flaxseed Oil This oil is recommended for many different conditions, including high cholesterol and rheumatoid arthritis. Other than this, it is also used for the cure of anxiety, osteoarthritis, vaginal infections, benign prostatic hyperplasia , dry eyes, hardening of arteries, heart disease, high blood pressure Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image (Flax Seeds)

Good Quality Bulk Natural Linseed Flax Seeds for Wholesale Purchase

Flax Seeds (Alsi) are used as a remedy for habitual constipation and lowering of cholesterol is also one among its several benefits. Since the misuse of laxatives and irritable colon causes functional disorders of the colon. This Flax seed acts as an effective solution for such kind of functional disorder. These seeds are chemically stable and contain medicinal properties. Besides, this Flaxseed is a viable source & a good choice for those looking for vegetarian sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Benefits of Flax seeds: High in Fiber, but Low in Carbs Healthy Skins and Hair Weight Loss Lower Cholesterol Flaxseeds are Gluten Free Digestive Health Flaxseeds for Cancer Menopausal Symptoms Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image (Cumin Seeds)

High Quality Cumin Seeds And Fennel Seeds

Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceous, native to a territory including the Middle East and stretching east . Its seeds each one contained within a fruit, which is dried are used in the cuisines of many cultures in both whole and ground form. Although cumin is thought to have uses in traditional medicine, there is no high-quality evidence that it is safe or effective as a therapeutic agent. Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image (Soybean Hulls)

Soybean Hulls

Soybean Hulls is a product from the process which soybean oil and meal are produced. When soybeans enter the processing plant, the beans are screened to remove broken and damaged beans and foreign materials. The beans are then cracked and the hulls removed. After the removal process, the Soybean Hulls are heat treated and milled. Crude Protein 10.0% Crude Fat 2.0% Crude Fiber 35.0% Calcium 0.5% Phosphorus 0.19% Total Digestible Nutrients 71.0% Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image (Black Sesame Seed)

Original Black Sesame New Crop Sesame Seed With 99% Purity

Sesame has one of the highest oil contents of any seed. With a rich, nutty flavor, it is a common ingredient in cuisines across the world. Like other nuts and foods, it can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Benefits of Black Sesame: 1. Black Sesame helps in postponing or reversing, certain age-related side effects. 2. Black Sesame helps Decrease the risk of cancer. 3. Black Sesame helps relief for constipation and indigestion. 4. Black Sesame helps stabilizes the blood pressure. 5. Black Sesame is benefit for healthier bones. Please Contact on WhatsApp at +255752588907 for prompt response

Product Image (Sunflower Seed Meal)

Top Level Sunflower Seed Meal for Animal Feed

Sunflower seed meal for animal feed Introduction Sunflower seeds by the prepressing or direct leaching method to process sunflower seed meal. Sunflower seed meal contains rich of crude protein ( especially in lysine),vitamin(especially vitamin B), calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper etc trace elements.


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